Elizabeth Perez Diner is native of Caracas, Venezuela. A self-taught artist and dancer since childhood, she was intrigued by different cultures, religions, spiritualities, and fine arts. From the artistic point of view, iconographic images were fascinating to her and still are. Art based on spirituality, regardless of what the “label,” lends itself to a complete path of peaceful discovery for her. She is not afraid of colors, sizes, lines or shapes. She loves abstractionism with a touch of reality. When creating a piece, her thought process is simultaneous with the hands-on process. She lets the piece to guide her without hesitation of time...time, after all, is relative. Although her soul is into spiritual art, she doesn’t restrain herself from any other medium, theme or tendency. 

Elizabeth is open-minded and respectful of differences. Coming from a multicolor land, her definition of color is decisively defined not only by the Caribbean chroma, and the syncretism seen in the region, but also from her own explorations. Having no limitations on her creative style, allows Elizabeth to unleash her natural artistic abilities, thereby encompassing her artistic approach—which can be simple or complex, intriguing and defined, uplifting and colorful, big and small, circular and square, meaningful and not so obvious...all of this and more. When describing her art, she says: “Painting is a way to connect with my past, the one that is not even in this life”. Elizabeth invites people to look inside every painting and be surprised to see the unexpected. “I feel a sincere need to share a little or a lot of myself with anyone who wants to see, feel and perceive. I believe in compassion, understanding, and respect among all human beings and that’s precisely what I want to share with people. Painting for me is the most genuine expression of myself”.

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